When we are young we think we are immortal and we believe doctors and health are issues that will come later. But that look does not allow us to see the whole picture. Anyone can end up in a hospital guard for an emergency and it is best to be prepared, because without insurance we can end up in bad hands or face a bulky sum in a private sanatorium. To prevent and avoid these things there are prepayments for young people , cheaper than traditional ones, which we can access using a personal loan if necessary.

A fracture playing football, strong angina or gastroenteritis are just some examples of what could happen to us. Medical expenses can be very high if we do not have insurance and the public health system may demand too much time. We tell you how to access prepaid medical coverage according to your pocket.


How to get a personal loan

How to get a personal loan

One of the reasons why young people dispense with medical coverage is the high cost it represents. However, having an unexpected doctor can cost us much more if we don’t have a prepaid. Therefore, asking for a loan to meet the first installments can be a good idea.

Obtaining personal credit no longer means making endless lines in banks and presenting dozens of documents. Today you can get money online, in secure sites. We tell you how to do it step by step.

  • The amount: the first thing we should do is establish the amount we need. We can calculate the first two or three prepaid installments as a reference.
  • Registration: then, we must register and complete a short form with our personal and bank information. All data will be confidential. This information is essential for the loan to be granted quickly but surely.
  • Confirmation : If the request is approved, you will receive a notification on your site profile, by email or through a text message. Then, the requested money will be transferred to your bank account.

In addition to avoiding bank bureaucracy, youth loans have a relatively low interest rate and can help us get the best medical coverage. What are the alternatives and how to choose insurance.


What is prepaid medical coverage

What is prepaid medical coverage

The first thing we have to understand is what is prepaid medical coverage. These are health insurance companies. They work in the same way as car insurance: one pays monthly fees that allow access to different medical services if necessary. Typically, these companies offer multiple plans, which meet the diverse needs of affiliates.

Which prepaid is better

Which prepaid is better

While there are companies that have more prestige than others, there is no undisputedly higher prepayment. Ideally, find one that offers services that meet our particular needs. Therefore, we tell you what you have to consider before joining a prepaid.

  • Monthly fee price: an important point to consider is how much you pay month by month. Be careful with this because some prepaid offers cheap plans for young people that increase strongly 3 or 4 years later. Therefore, before joining it is essential to find out from what age this happens and what is the percentage of the increase.
  • Copayment: opting for a copayment plan can be a good alternative to reduce the monthly fee, especially if we are young and have good health.
  • Refunds: they allow us to turn to doctors outside the primer. The higher the level of reimbursement, the more expensive the plan.
  • Dentistry: this benefit is usually one of the most expensive, so finding a prepaid that covers unforeseen events that may occur in this field is important.
  • Ophthalmology: if we wear glasses we must consider what the coverage service offers in the ophthalmological field. Some may include from simple discounts to one pair of glasses per year and laser surgeries.
  • Primer: it is important to know what sanatoriums the medical chart includes and where they are located. The same goes for doctors who work with the company.
  • Provincial and international coverage: if we like to travel, we have to make sure that our health plan has coverage in different places.


What is the cheapest prepaid

personal loan

In general, all companies that offer medical coverage have plans for younger people who are much more accessible. Most have a price between 1000 and 2000 dollars per month and there is no significant difference between one company or another.

The good news is that all of these plans are required by law to offer a minimum but fairly complete coverage, known as a Mandatory Medical Plan. This service includes:

  • Primary Health Care: this includes different medical specialties. It assures the attention in office, hospitalization, urgency and emergency. It also guarantees the member’s right to receive home care for emergencies.
  • Maternal and Child Plan: includes the full attention of the future mother and the newborn. It should be noted that newborn care should be guaranteed until one year of age.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth: consider all studies, treatments, medications and others, related to pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium.
  • Child medical care: this is the coverage received by children and minors, being the responsibility of older adults who are the main beneficiaries of a medical plan.
  • Preventive dentistry : advanced treatments are not included.
  • Others: Prepaid must also include some coverage in mental health, rehabilitation, prevention programs for female cancers, dentistry and 40 percent discount on medications.

With a personal loan we can pay between 7 and 9 installments, until we organize our expenses again. That way, we will have a decent health plan to take care of ourselves and to cover us in case of any emergency.


Prepaid for monotributistas

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Many companies offer their employees in a dependency relationship the possibility of deriving their contributions to different prepaid medicine companies. However, the case of monotributistas is different and a bit more complex.

Monotributistas must make contributions to a social work on a mandatory basis. Prepaid people usually have agreements with some social works for the derivation of contributions. In the event that the monotributista wants to hire a certain private medicine plan, he should find out if the company has an agreement with any social work before choosing one. However, derivative contributions cannot cover the total of a prepaid fee, so the member must pay a part each month.

Economic problems should not force us to neglect health care. Obtaining a personal loan and feeling safe about our medical coverage is a prudent decision that can save us a lot of trouble.

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