Borrowing is sometimes necessary. Especially when something unexpected happens. The washing machine breaks, the dishwasher no longer works or your car needs a repair, for example. If you have no money for this, you can choose to borrow.

You can do this at a large company, but you can also choose to do this at a private individual. You can do this with certain providers. They ensure that you come into contact with a private individual. This can be done up to and including 500 euros. So you can borrow up to 500 euros quickly and easily.

Borrowing from a private individual without checking the BKR


Borrowing from a private individual can be very easy. For example, there is no BKR assessment. A risk profile is, however, drawn up. In this way a private individual can determine whether he or she wants to provide a loan to you. Based on the risk profile, the private lender can also determine how much money they want to lend to you. This can be lower if the private individual considers this necessary.

No extra costs


By choosing a private lender, you do not pay any extra costs. You do not have to pay anything to the company that brings you into contact with the lender. Of course you do pay interest for borrowing money. This interest is for the lender. After all, the lender takes a risk by choosing to lend money to you.



As stated earlier, there is no review of the BKR. So if you want to borrow money, this is always possible. However, a risk profile is created. That is why you need to make a copy of the proof of identity and a statement stating income and expenses from the last 45 days. A copy of your bank card is also required.

In addition, a copy is requested to prove the income. This is possible, for example, through a salary slip. This strip may not be older than a month. This information is handled with great care. The lender does not see this. He or she will only see a risk profile.

Based on this, the decision whether or not to lend is made. If a lender does not lend money to you, then someone else can of course still do this! This way you can borrow money quickly and easily. This can be very useful if you need money quickly.

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